Why is Artificial Intelligence a feminist issue?

SOURCE: https://medium.com/codingrights/por-que-a-intelig%C3%AAncia-artificial-%C3%A9-uma-quest%C3%A3o-feminista-9b46685b777a Where we stand In the hype of A.I., we are observing a world where States are increasingly adopting algorithmic decision-making systems as a magic wand that promisses to “solve” social, economic, environmental, and political problems, spending public resources in questionable ways, sharing sensitive citizen data with private companies and, ultimately, dismissing any attempt … Read moreWhy is Artificial Intelligence a feminist issue?

Beautify or whiten?

SOURCE: https://medium.com/codingrights/embelezar-ou-embranquecer-201fc741257b How social media filters reinforce and reproduce racist beauty standards By Erly Guedes* Open Instagram, point the phone camera at your face, choose a filter and record a video or take a selfie. Have you noticed how this movement of editing our image instantly invaded our daily lives? Although quite common, the use of image … Read moreBeautify or whiten?